Proven At-Home Electrical Safety Tips

ELECTRICAL SAFETYThere are potential electrical hazards in every home. Fortunately, these hazards can be reduced or eliminated by staying aware of some safety tips and with assistance of an electrician.

Electrical safety measures will keep you together with your family safe while at home. Westline Electricalis well known as the most recognized and reliable company that offers expert guidance on electrical safety and practices with an aim of reducing risks caused by electricity. The following are the proven at-home electrical safety tips.

  • High Quality Wiring

High quality wiring that conforms to safety standards is important for total safety. It’s important to remember that poor wiring can increase chances of power surges, fire and other serious consequences. In this case, you should avoid doing it yourself. Instead, you should contact professional electricians for assistance.

Cracked, damaged and worn electrical wires can increase chances of electrical accidents. Professional and reliable electricians will check the wiring to ensure its safe and determine whether replacement is needed.

  • Outlets close to water

Since water conducts electricity, outlets in kitchen and bathrooms should be installed a distance away from water source. Ensuring outlets are kept away from water reduces chances of electric shock.

  • Wet hands

Never handle electrical appliances with wet hands. This is because the probability of getting an electric shock is very high. You should keep electrical appliances far away from showers, bathtubs, taps and sinks.

  • Pouring water on electrical fires

In case of an electrical fire, you should avoid pouring water as water will fuel the fire. Instead of using water in case of emergencies, you should consider using fire extinguisher. If you don’t have one, you should turn off the main electrical power and contact the fire brigade. If you are experiencing any electrical emergency then contact the reliable 24 hour emergency electricians in Perth

  • Extension cords

To reduce chances of accident, you should ensure extension cords are carefully fixed in place. Avoid using extension cords as substitute for additional power and also avoid using too many appliances.

  • Take extra measures to protect children

Young children are keen when exploring their world. While it’s best to supervise the children, its worth to take extra measures to protect them. Keep in mind that electrical outlets within their reach can be replaced with safe PowerPoint. The outlets can be interchanged to prevent sharp objects that can cause injury.

  • Light bulbs

There is a high potential of electrical fires when light bulbs are kept near flammable materials such as plastics and beds.

  • Covered electrical cords

Heavy covering can cause the cords to overheat leading to electrical fire. Also, you should make sure that items such as laptops as well as computers have enough space for ventilation in order to prevent overheating.

The best way to reduce death In case of electric shock is to install a safety switch which is well known as residual current device. However, never do electrical task on your own. If you think there are hazards in your home, you should contact a certified electrician for assistance.


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