How to digitize embroidery

digitizing embroidery screen shot

When you decide to digitize your own embroidery you will need to purchase the software for this process. Most the software you can purchase cost between $100 and $8000, the higher priced software will have more features and capabilities. There are a few software options to choose between such as Brother PE Design plus, Digitize n Stitch, DRAWings 6 pro, Embroidery office art, Janome digitizer pro and many more. There are a few simple steps to digitizing your own designs. Most digitizers have the basic design setup for illustration and digitizing for your embroidery purposes.

  • Open your illustrator software and download your design or create your design.
  • You can open an existing file or start one from scratch your choice
  • To open and existing file just drag and drop into the designated area or go to open file
  • With the file open you can edit the design by adding text, adjust alignment, sizes, colors, stitches (satin or fill stitch).
  • If you are not satisfied with the existing file you edited, then you may need to open an image file and digitize it.
  • By dragging and dropping the file you can then size and place the image.
  • Once selected click the Auto punch digitizing wizard button, or similar tool in other software.
  • Once the digitizing has got size, colors, number of colors, fill stitches or blank areas, and weighting issues you are ready for you preview and click finish.
  • Once the image is ready you can add text, embellish, change colors, stitches, stitch order and view it in 3d
  • When its complete then save the file
  • Now it’s time to write the digitized file to your embroidery machines card and get ready to stitch.

Now that you have your design you can now use it on any embroidery project that you have available. If it’s your own design you can sell products with your embroidery design on it, if it is a licensed character you should look up the regulations on whether or not you can sell them before you sell them. This could result in a copyright infringement if you don’t get permission to use the design before selling it.

Many women are making a living by doing embroidery design for other moms who can’t do it themselves. There are many popular character designs right now that are licensed by Disney that lots of little kids are going crazy over and these designs that are allowed to be sold are making huge profits for the embroiderers. Once you learn to digitize your embroidery designs you can start making money to help support your family.